Our idea: Vériét ou Pandémie / Truth or Pandemic?

"We wanted a fun project to communicate and help the fight against COVID-19. The game was our idea. Even better, why not make a game where we are heros"

A great lesson that the pandemic has taught us

According to the Vérité ou Pandémie team

Vincent Gosselin Boucher

Co-instigator of the project
PhD Candidate in Psychology - Behavioral Medicine (UQAM)
"A society increasingly connected, but socially disconnected in search of its collective empathy."

Juliette François Sevigny

Co-instigator of the project
Doctoral student in psychology - Intervention in childhood and adolescence (UdeS)
"When life gives us lemons,  make lemonade!  I am convinced that we have become masters lemonade makers since last year, and it's a not a bad skill to have''

Ahlem Mesli

Undergraduate student in Communication - Digital Media (UQAM)
"Although very unexpected and unplanned, it was a year of great self-discovery and new beginnings."

Brigitte Voisard

PhD Candidate in Psychology (UQAM)
"A year that has put my family and my cat, at the heart of my concerns."

Étienne Aumont

PhD candidate in psychology - Neuropsychology (UQAM)
"Adopting a more balanced lifestyle, less focused on work by deciding to learn new skills and hobbies."

Catherine Cimon-Paquet

PhD Candidate in Psychology (UQAM)
"As a society, we can achieve great things when we put our efforts toward a common goal."