1. History of pandemics (in French)

With Laurent Turcot, historian and professor at UQTR
and Thomas Gauthier YouTubeur

2. Health behaviours (in French)

With Kim Lavoie, psychologist and professor at UQAM
and Thomas Gauthier YouTubeur

3. Misinformation & Conspiracies (in French)

With Frédérick Philippe, psychologist and professor at UQAM
and Alex Godbout, actor

4. Intimate relationships & mental health (in French)

With Éliane Dussault, PhD student in sexology
and Jessica Prudencio, creative content maker

With Jacques Forest, professor at ESG UQAM
and Catherine Cimon-Paquet, host Entropie podcast and PhD student in psychology at UQAM

5. Work & well-being (in French)

6. Vaccination (in French)

With Kevin L'Espérance, PhD student in public health at UdeM
and Martine Voisine, creative content maker and medical student